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Palestine, Lebanon:

Zionism-Assassin, Imperialism-Accomplice!



The Israeli attack in progress in Lebanon received, according to the expression even of the international press, the «green light» of the United States and the «tacit agreement» of the other great imperialists States. The meeting of the «G 8» which was held at the commencement of the hostilities reserves any even platonic judgment of the Israeli aggression, of any even symbolic call for peace, being limited to a hypocritical call for «reserve» by the «two parties» (!): the message was received loud and clear by the Hebrew State which at once intensified its bombardments in the country, aiming in particular at civil targets and essential services, with the aim of sowing terror and provoking an exodus: more than one half-million people were thus forced in a few days to flee the south of the country, while the death toll was in the hundreds. Israel also instituted an air and naval blockade of Lebanon, so much so that the Western ships which evacuate the foreigners must ask for their authorization for safe passage! None of these great States emitted the least criticism against this true act of piracy, which they, in fact, ratify.

This demonstrates that the «big 8» which dominate the world and which claim to be the defenders of civilization, are actually the terrorists-in-chief, they are the ones responsible for the crimes of capitalism, even when in fact smaller States undertake their dirty work.

The attack of Israel in Lebanon is a continuation of its attacks against the Palestinians in Gaza and in the West Bank. The pretext of these murderous imperialist police operations was the capture of three of its soldiers--whereas thousands of Palestinian and many Lebanese prisoners have been left to rot for years in Israeli prisons.

On the one hand, their objective is to crush any inclination of resistance to the permanent oppression undergone by the Palestinians and on the other, to turn up the pressure on those States in the area (Syria, Iran) which balk at yielding to the pressures of the United States and the Western imperialisms. During the civil war Syria sent its troops to Lebanon with the agreement of the United States, Israel and France to crush the Palestinians and the disinherited Lebanese masses, now it is subject to very strong American and French pressures to give up the positions which remain to it in this country, after having already been forced to withdraw its soldiers a few months ago. The French imperialists hope that a more or less permanent weakening of Hezbollah (dependant on Syria and Iran) under the Israeli onslaught will enable them to regain a part of their previous «presence» in Lebanon, traditionally an important money market and commercial center of the Middle East. This is why Chirac called only for the application of the UN resolution against Hezbollah, and not for those against Israel...




The United States and Israel responded to the electoral victory of the Hamas party; a victory which is explained by its denunciation of the generalized corruption and compromises of the former leaders (of Fatah); and the formation of its government, by openly declaring that they were going to asphyxiate the new Palestinian authorities. With utter contempt for international agreements, Israel refused to pay the sums due (customs duties, etc.) to the new government, while right after this the European States stopped their assistance to the Palestinians, just as the majority of the States of the Arab League (except that, anxious to avoid an explosion, the European imperialists sought to put forward that part of the assistance which is used to maintain the Palestinian police force and the structures of the mini-State by institutions firmly tied to imperialist domination). The Israelis had formerly supported Hamas, the reactionary clerical party, in order to weaken the Palestinian nationalists. But for years Hamas, which presents itself in the form of the defender of the poor and an irreconcilable adversary of the Jewish State, unceasingly criticized the negotiations with Israel and the various agreements of «peace». The arrival in power of this party was thus likely to call into question, not these agreements which never really succeeded, but the generally submissive attitude of the Palestinian Authorities to imperialist order in the area: here for what, from the United States to the European countries by way of Israel and the more powerful Arab States, all fell into agreement to strangle by any means the new «democratically elected» government, in spite of the fact that Hamas itself had begun to align itself on this imperialist order!

This is a new demonstration that all the international agreements, all the great principles of right and democracy are only hot air vis-a-vis imperialist interests: only force counts.

After the capture of a soldier from the Tsahal during a guerrilla action carried out in reprisal for the of massacre of Palestinian civilians on a beach, Israel «reacted» by accentuating its campaign of assassinations and destruction and by capturing a part of the Palestinian government with the intention of judging it for «terrorism». The Western countries did not emit a squeak of protest against these gangster actions, the imperialist leaders repeating that «Israel has the right to defend itself»! The Palestinians themselves, have only the right to die in silence, if not they become terrorists... Another demonstration that a Palestinian State will never be tolerated by Israel and its imperialist godfathers unless it remains a concentration camp for its inhabitants permanently suspended under the threat of murderous Israeli operations.

As long as capitalism exists, the various bourgeois States will never cease competition and armed confrontation, they will never cease exploiting their own proletarians all the while calling on them for the «unity of the nation» against the proletarians of the foreign countries, they will never cease oppressing the populations which fall under their domination. As long as the world imperialist order reigns, the Israeli State which is its Middle Eastern pillar and richly remunerated henchman (subsidies in Israel alone represent more half of the external assistance of the United States...) will not cease its exactions, it will not cease oppressing the Palestinians and encroaching on their territory.




The recent decades have provided the irrefutable proof that all the diplomatic negotiations, all the «peace» agreements signed under the aegis of the imperialists were used only to increase oppression and to lead to new massacres. There is no worse illusion than to appeal to the alleged peaceful intentions of this or that bourgeois State or the interventions of the UN, a true «den of thieves» subject to the orders of the imperialist big shots. Within the framework of capitalism, there cannot be any solution for the oppressed and all calls for peace are lies.

The only way out lies in the development of the proletarian struggle because only this struggle will be able to link all the exploited across all borders, will be able to smash to bits all nationalist unities--including in Israel. And this will be done on the condition of destroying the international imperialist order, of overthrowing all bourgeois States, in the Middle East and everywhere, in order to establish on their ruins an international and unitary proletarian power, the essential condition to eradicate all oppression, all exploitation, all repression and all discrimination at the same time as capitalism.

As remote as this may appear, this prospect is the only realistic one; it can and it must prepare as of today while bringing to the masses direct or indirect victims of «our» imperialism the only solidarity which really counts: the weakening of imperialism by the rupture of the proletarians with the organizations and parties related in one way or another to the bourgeois order, by their frontal opposition to the capitalists and in their State, in short by the resumption of the internationalist and revolutionary class struggle.

·  Down With Zionism, Down With Imperialism!

·  Solidarity with the Exploited and Oppressed Masses of Palestine and the Whole World!

·  Reconstitution of the International Proletarian Party for the Future World Communist Revolution!

International Communist Party
July 23, 2006



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