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European Elections: Once again the Democratic Lie!



Workers! Proletarians!


The economic crisis that struck at the famous GDP of most industrialized countries; chilling the blood of the capitalists and attacking the living standards of millions of workers in Europe and beyond, starkly demonstrates the reality of conflict between the conditions of life and work of the proletarians and the privileges of the bourgeois classes.

Workers! Your reality consists of expulsion from production, layoffs, unemployment, chronic poverty; it consists of insecurity and the growing difficulty of everyday life, of the intensified exploitation of wage labor when there is a job. The future which capitalism is preparing consists of the  worsening of all conditions, including the basics of life and work, of a deep and lasting insecurity. To realize and increase capitalist profits, the bourgeoisie have no qualms about throwing millions of proletarians into hunger and misery.


Workers! Proletarians!


It is only through your exploitation day after day, hour after hour, whatever the political system, that capitalism draws its vital force, it is only through the systematic extortion of surplus value issuing from wage labor shall ensure that the capitalists assure themselves of the profits and privileges of a social system where the survival of every human being depends on continuous good profits: without the exploitation of wage labor, there would be no capitalist profit.

The economic, social and political interests of the bourgeois classes are in fact completely opposed to the economic, social and political interests of proletarians. But the experience in government bourgeois class in power in Europe for 150 years taught them that the best way to maintain their domination over society is the use of democracy, i.e. of the most refined and most pernicious lies ...

Democracy signifies "power of the people", but since the bourgeois revolutions that have completed their historic task of breaking the chains of feudalism and absolutism that blocked the progress the whole of society, the "people" can no longer be a reality: on the one hand it is the strongest bourgeois factions that have come to power and control society; on the other hand, a particular class has emerged, in opposition to this organization of society of which it is the victim and which is based on commodities, capital, money, private property, private appropriation of social wealth: the class of non-possessors, those who owns nothing but their chains, the proletarian class.

The bourgeoisie uses the same weapons in politics as in the economy: behind the fiction of equality, fraud, deception, racketeering, the use of political and military force to assert its interests. There is no bourgeois democracy without police and without the utilization of force by the State, there is no democracy without exploitation of most of the population by a minority, there is no democracy without the defence of profits and the protection of private property. Bourgeois democracy spreads illusions of the equality of all citizens, interests common to all, individual freedoms, to hide the reality of the fundamental social inequality, the opposition of interests between classes, systematic negation in practice of "rights" proclaimed by all republican constitutions: the right to life, right to work, right to choose her life ... In fact no "right" was ever  achieved peacefully by the bourgeoisie itself when it fought against feudalism, no "right" has never been conquered by the proletariat in the bourgeois society without bitter struggles!


Workers! Proletarians!


For the umpteenth time, the bourgeois classes push you  to "express" through an powerless and uncontrollable mechanical device, the "choice" of "representatives" that, according to them, will contribute to the construction of a "common home" called the Europe where all people would be on an equal footing. Nothing could be more false! Bourgeois democracy has already demonstrated that it cannot resolve the fundamental question for every human being, that of a dignified life, in harmony and solidarity. Millions of proletarians in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland and all countries of the so-called European Union - and the world - are forced into an increasingly difficult life, always more uncertain, exhausted by their job if they have one, or by endless job-searching.

The current capitalist crisis highlights even more that the basic tendency in all capitalist countries is the prevalence of national interests, the defence of a network of economic and political interests whose pivot is the nation State. We saw this during the collapse of U.S., British, Dutch, etc. banks, and during the still-ongoing rescue of the banking and financial systems of each national state. It can be seen in the large capitalist concentrations such as in the automotive sector where American, Chinese, Russians, Italians, etc.., compete for supremacy on the world market. It can be seen above all in the national economies: at the same time as the GDP declines, and with it  the average rate of profit, welfare benefits, the "social shock absorbers", also tend to diminish. After the Second World War the 'democratic' imperialist countries resumed the use of social welfare benefits established by the fascist imperialist countries for the support of the masses by means of a forced interclassism; the "democratic" bourgeoisies also in the search of long-term support by the proletarian masses developed a large network of "social welfare benefits". The fascist method was effective for twenty years in Italy, the democratic method has been successful for more than sixty years, particularly thanks to the decisive contribution of reformist national-Communism! In both cases, the social and political order is the same: interclassism, the collaboration between classes, the belief that in modern society owners and workers, rulers and ruled, exploiters and exploited have the same fundamental interests, the same objectives and methods to express their views.

This alliance against nature between bosses and workers strengthens the strongest capitalist groups and marginalizes the weakest, precipitating a new form of imperialist colonialism. The submission of workers to the bourgeoisie is joined by the servility of the petty-bourgeoisie, which finds its repugnant place in the interclassist  management of bourgeois power in drowning proletarian attempts to break with this mortal alliance under democratic superstitions. Capitalist expansion and the generalization of the interclass collaborators have not mitigated the social contradictions of the capitalist mode of production and this is demonstrated not only by the subsequent crises since the end of the 2nd World War, but by the increase of the phenomenon typical of capitalism: the accumulation of wealth in the hands of a few bourgeois and the accumulation of poverty among the proletarian majority; no democratic constitution, no method of class collaboration can ever prevent the inevitable consequences of a capitalism which proceeds from one crisis to another in an ever-increasing catastrophic spiral.


Workers! Proletarians!


The Europe for which you are called to vote is the Europe of capital, with a colonial past and who continue to exploit the masses of their former colonies; Europe bourgeois states that talk of peace while waging war far from their capitals, are preparing at length to respond to a  more serious crisis and even more acute inter-imperialist contradictions by a Third World War. It is in times of peace that imperialism is preparing the political conditions of war, it is in periods of democracy that the ruling classes prepare the proletariat to accept sacrifices much more difficult than those known for years: poverty, hunger, extenuating hours of toil, the most desperate migrations.


Workers! Proletarians!


You should not leave your future in the hands of the blood-thirsty bourgeois classes, which are responsible for deaths occurring in today's wars of plunder in Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan and those who fell just yesterday in the Balkans, Lebanon, Iraq and Africa. Bourgeois reality it is not only that of social shock absorbers for some and good wages for others it is overwork, death at work, miserable wages, job insecurity and servitude for the ever-increasing proletarian masses. Europe, which millions of potential migrants see as a shining hope reveals ever more clearly that it is a forced labor camp for immigrants, leaving the field open to police abuse. The bourgeois themselves do not hide their threat of crashing down such conditions onto the heads of all the workers!


Workers! Proletarians!


The future can be completely different from that proffered by capitalism and the bourgeoisie, but only if we really fight. We can not wage a fight with the ballot because elections only serve to feed the illusion of democracy and class collaboration which is one of the determinants of the paralysis of the proletariat.

To be effective, for it to open the way for a different future for all humanity, the workers' struggle must be a class struggle: it must be clearly and consciously based on the physical reality of the antagonism between classes in bourgeois society. The proletarians are the majority of the population, but their numbers will not have any power if it does not manifest itself in the openly collective struggle, in the class struggle!

The struggle should break with the collaboration between classes, breaking with social peace, with the methods that link the defence of proletarian interests to "economic growth" (which means the growth of capitalism), the interests of the national, regional or enterprise economy, it must break with the "anti-crisis plan" established by the bourgeois institutions, ie the complete subjection to capitalist interests.


Workers! Proletarians!


The elections are just to choose the politicians who each in their own way and including in the European parliament, will continue the democratic political collaboration between classes - which only means the interests of the ruling class and its system against the interests of workers: there cannot exist a "Europe of workers" or "citizens", animated by a spirit of justice and equality, a Europe above classes and states, there cannot exist a bourgeois democratic state at the service of the exploited masses.


Not the ballot! No to democratic falsehoods!

Yes to the class struggle for the reorganization of the class on the terrain of the immediate defence of living and working conditions!

Against any class collaboration, against all competition between proletarians!

Against the Europe of capitalist exploitation-the class struggle!

For the unification of the struggles of indigenous and immigrant proletarians!

For the proletarians to seize control of their destiny by fighting for their emancipation from wage labor and capitalism!

For the reconstitution of economic organizations based solely on the class interests of the proletariat!

For the proletarian class party, internationalist and international!

Workers of all countries, unite!



International Communist Party

May 28th, 2009



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