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For anti-capitalist class struggle!

For the international communist revolution!



Proletarians, comrades!


The successive governments which alternately head the state have only one concern: to ensure the proper functioning of the capitalist economy. Right and left, “socialist” or “liberal” , “reformist” or “conservative” they obey the aspirations and serve the interests , not of their electors or of “citizens” in general, but of the most powerful industrial and financial capitalist groups, who are the real masters in all countries. Democracy and all its electoral system is a smoke screen that serves to mask the reality of the division of society into classes with conflicting interests, and the dictatorship of the ruling class over the exploited class. According to the democratic principle, all “citizens”, whether wealthy capitalists or those unemployed and thrown into the street are equal before the law and they have, through their ballots, the same opportunity to determine the orientation of state policy.

This is an absurd lie which reality contradicts each and every day! The state is a machine for oppression built up over centuries in the service of the ruling class  that  the bourgeoisie tore away from the aristocracy;  it has continuously been strengthened and perfected so as to become the collective representative of capitalism (Engels). It is by its nature incapable of opposing capitalist interests, and a fortiori, to defend the exploited proletarians against their capitalist exploiters! If by chance a particular government or certain laws begin to interfere with the proper economic and political functioning of capitalism, this government is swept out of office, those laws ignored or suppressed. The historical examples are legion, including the most recent in Europe ( from the junta of the colonels in Greece, to Gaullist France ) and in the world.


Proletarians, comrades!


Only hypocrites or complete imbeciles could be indignant when “left” governments, in Italy or in Spain, Germany, France or Canada, etc.. . , implement and carry out anti-worker policies with even more zeal than “right” governments. The precise political function of reformism, that agent of the bourgeoisie within the working class (Lenin) which finds its support in the relatively privileged areas of the “labor aristocracy” is precisely to make capitalist imperatives acceptable to the workers, or failing that to at least cripple their reactions. With the active complicity of the trade union apparatuses and other organizations of class collaboration whose credo is economic patriotism, left-wing governments are more successful in this dirty work, while right-wing governments can experience more difficulties in controlling struggles. . The only thing that changes is that over the years the compensation" and concessions" granted to workers to push the deterioration of their living and working conditions through, are increasingly meagre.

Of course, each and every time these anti-worker and anti-social measures are presented as “temporary sacrifices” painful but inevitable steps needed to “straighten out” the country and restore its economic health. But after decades of sacrifice and anti-working class measures, capitalism has not regained its health and demands new sacrifices! In all countries, the capitalists require more and more, explaining that the profits of domestic firms are lower than those of their competitors, which handicaps them in the economic war and causes the loss of market share to the country's economy!


Proletarians, comrades!


This situation is not due to particular negligence by the national capitalists or the bad policies of various governments, but to the actual operation of capitalism. The continued economic growth during the three decades following the Second World War, was permitted precisely by the colossal destruction of the war. The post-war reconstruction initiated a large accumulation cycle that has continued through the opening up to capitalism of vast areas of the globe. But this remarkable expansion could only lead, as Marxists had predicted, to repeated and ever more serious crises of overproduction: the most serious of all that of 2008, has still not been overcome. To overcome the crisis, there is only one remedy under capitalism: increasing the exploitation of the proletarians to claw out more surplus value and to liquidate the less profitable companies to restore the average rate of profit of the economy: This means mass unemployment, falling real wages, increased workload for those who have a job and increased job insecurity for all. Under this condition, the economy may restart ... until the next crisis, because in all capitalist countries they attempt the same thing and overproduction inevitably reappears, sparking clashes between states. Finally it will arrive at the point where there is no other solution than a new generalized global war, a third world war, the only way to radically liquidate redundant productive forces by massive destruction, commencing with the tens of millions of workers that global capitalism cannot exploit...

Faced with this future of blood and misery that capitalism promises – and which it already imposes on the proletariat and peoples of various countries and regions of the world – faced with present and future attacks, the alternatives advanced by the reformists of the left and far-left parties are just so much eye-wash. There is no other policy, opposed to the current so-called ultra-liberalism, which would permit a return to the supposed golden age of economic growth (harshly paid for by the proletarians of the imperialist countries as well as by the oppressed peoples of countries under their iron fist), or which would lead to an another capitalism, human and social: there is no alternative to defend national capitalism than to attack the proletarians!


Proletarians, comrades!


Workers are not condemned to impotence: they are the ones who, through their labor power, make society live and create the wealth that the dominant class monopolizes. Thus they have in their hands the fate of this class and this society of exploitation. The resignation and passivity of the present are disseminated in the proletariat by the whole gigantic bourgeois propaganda apparatus; but they are also and above all disseminated by the countless forces of democracy and class collaboration maintained by the bourgeoisie to divert growing discontent into the impasses of the electoral circus or impotent interclassist agitation, to sabotage the struggles and divide the proletarians according to nationality, race, age, sex, corporation, etc.

The need to defend themselves against the bosses, against the capitalists and their state, however, will become increasingly compelling. But no defense is possible by following the path indicated by the reformist parties and collaborationist trade union apparatuses: you cannot resist the capitalists through the ballot box or by pacifist demonstrations and processions, but only by the class struggle!

This means the exclusive defense of the interests of the proletarian class, independent of all bourgeois interests (disguised as defense of the enterprise, the national economy or the public interest ), with the methods and means necessary for any real class struggle (breaking and ignoring legalistic and pacifist laws, measures and methods which seek to sterilize the strength of the working class, use of direct action by workers , etc. . ) – including the independent organization of the struggle and its defense.

But this struggle of elemental resistance, which involves breaking with the organizers of workers’ defeats – which is what the reformist parties and collaborationist organizations are, is still only the first step towards the revival of the general anti-capitalist struggle: the revolutionary struggle whose indispensable organ is the international and internationalist class party, which sets the goal of the overthrow of international capitalism, the establishment of its dictatorship as the essential step in moving towards a classless society, communism .

This final goal probably now seem overly distant; but it is capitalism itself which inexorably creates the objective conditions of the revolutionary crisis and then it depends on the capacity of the proletariat led by its party to emerge victorious, the possibility for humanity to escape a new World butchery and finally escape from this hell on earth which is Capitalism.


Long live the anticapitalist proletarian struggle!

Long live international communist revolution!



International Communist Party

May, 1st 2014



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