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Down with the latest criminal abuses by the Israeli state!

Solidarity with the Palestinian proletarian masses!



On Thursday, June 12 evening three youths; Gilad Shaar, Yifal Efrad and Naftali Frankel were abducted by two militants suspected to have links to Hamas, the Islamic political organization, while they were hitchhiking at a crossroads near Gush Etzion, an Israeli colonial settlement in Palestinian territory. From that moment, it took 18 days before the bodies of three young settlers were found. During these 18 days at least six Palestinians were killed in the West Bank (including a child), along with no less than 600 arbitrary arrests, the closure of numerous centers and associations, including burglary and theft against the foreign media (1), the closure of roads and other forms of abuse by the Israeli army against the people under the pretext of search and capture of the abductors.

It was also two weeks of a policy of aggression and intimidation from the Government of Israel accusing Hamas of what happened, threats of possible retaliation to completely destroy this organization; and calls to officials of the Palestinian Authority (PA) of Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) that they distance themselves and break the unity of the Palestinian bourgeoisie (2). It was not surprising to see Abu Mazen rushing to publicly condemn the kidnapping and open up the possibility of a break with Hamas;

Fundamentalist, reactionary and anti-working class organization Hamas has said that it is uninvolved in the case, while its exiled leader, Khaled Meshaal, said that while totally ignoring what had happened, he supported all actions against the Israeli occupation (3). That is to say, those directed against the proletariat, the petty-bourgeois or the military, implying thereby that every Jew is a target.

Janin Zoabi, a member of the Israeli parliament and a member of its “Arab coalition,” said that Hamas are not terrorists but freedom fighters (4), causing the call for his public lynching: in different social networks many have called for his death.

Throughout these two long weeks, members of the radical right and fascist Zionists who hold the upper hand with the complicity of government used statements by Janin Zoabi to launch inflamed racist tirades that seem to be a parody of Third Reich propaganda. (5)

 “Death to the Arabs”, “They are all enemies!” “Kill the traitors!” “A good Arab is a dead Arab” “The death penalty for the mejablim (terrorists in Hebrew)”; and after the bodies were found, a new wave of “Death to the Arabs”, “The army should burn them all”, “Hating Arabs is not racism, it’s values” And many other racist expressions that have penetrated the Jewish proletariat and the broad middle classes, making them complicit in this racist delirium. (6)




On Sunday, June 30, around 5:00 p.m., in the village of Halul near Hebron, three bodies were found, thanks to the incorporation of civilian squadrons into the military forces (7). Shortly after it was confirmed that it was the three youths who had been kidnapped. The government held a special meeting to decide how to respond. Prime Minister Netanyahu promised retaliation, and attacks on Gaza and the demolition of the houses of alleged offenders (8) began.

After the interment of the youths, during the funeral mass, some facts unknown to the public came to light. The most important of all is the recording of the telephone call from one of the hostages to the police to inform them of the kidnapping; then the sound of gunfire, apparently cries of pain from the youths and of joy from the abductors (9). All this only confirms the suspicions of a deliberate murder because at no time did the kidnappers put forward any demands, and no organization has claimed responsibility for the abduction.

In other words, the Government knew almost with certainty that the youths had been killed, but nevertheless used media scoundrels, and its mercenary rabble, to justify an operation conducted jointly with the corrupt and sell-out PA (10) to dismantle the Hamas party in the West Bank, which was the main target of Netanyahu (11), and thereby strengthen the domination of its puppets in unfortunate occupied Palestine. But it is and it will always be the Palestinian Arab proletariat which suffers the direct consequences of all this: assassinations, expropriations, arbitrary detentions and innumerable sufferings are the daily bread of the Palestinian population. And once again all this in full sight of the whole world, without sparking any reactions in the so-called “democratic countries”...




The kidnappers have not been found, but they already have been named by the Israeli media: Marwan Abu Eisha Kawasme and Amar, two militants of the Islamist group Hamas, who in the past were held in Israeli prisons. It is true that the murder of three young people, including two minors, simply because they were Jews, with no defined political objective, is a criminal imbecility, inspired by the method of racial hatred that ultra-nationalist, reactionary and anti-working class, Islamic fundamentalism inculcated in its activists, young people with no future or prospects. But the fact remains that these attacks are based on a real and tangible material base.

The occupation by the Israeli settler state that foments national oppression and which enlists the Palestinian bourgeoisie represented by the PA to oppress the vast Palestinian proletariat, with Israeli companies paying below the Israeli minimum wage in the occupied territories, resulting in an increase in the poverty that has already caused protests and strikes against the Palestinian Government, coupled with the oppression and blockade of the Gaza Strip turning it into a veritable ghetto: all this inevitably leads to desperate reactions.

The discontent of the Palestinian proletariat with a Palestinian Authority and the corrupt nationalist organizations has indeed been recuperated by pan-Islamic fascist type organizations, who promised to fight against corruption and to break with the defeatists of Fatah; Unfortunately proletarian forces could not find the path to the class struggle due to the absence of the class party, caused by the defeats inflicted on the proletariat for decades especially by Stalinism, gravedigger of the October Revolution and all-round falsificator of the Communist program. These are the same opportunists who today support the PA and who approve the terrorist violence of the Zionist State! Forming a national Government with the reactionary and anti-working class Islamists! These are the same ones who sang the praises of Stalin, the father of the peoples!




Today, Jewish nationalism has claimed another victim, Mohamed AbuKhdir 16, abducted and burned alive and abandoned in a forest outside of Jerusalem, apparently by Jewish extremists to avenge the death of the three young colonists (12 );

Today when some organizations of the extreme Zionist right launch out into the streets shouting "Death to Arabs" and battering every Arab they meet (13), the shit Israeli media speak only of the errors of the police in finding the kidnapped Jewish youths, (14) and publish countless pictures and publications in different social networks inciting racial hatred against Arabs, while they speak nothing of the dead in Palestine or the pain of Palestinian mothers which has not been brought before the UN (15);

Today when the different fractions of the Israeli left are calling for calm, organizing events to show that everyone is not for violence (16); that they are for peace, and that we must reconcile the two peoples through negotiation - that is to say reconcile two bourgeoisies who are actually already in agreement against the proletarians, clearly demonstrating the need to reaffirm that pacifists will always eventually end up joining the warmongers: this is why the perfectly natural response of the children of the Palestinian proletarians, who took to the streets to throw stones, destroy surveillance cameras, burn tires and erect barricades in memory of a child martyr, is condemned by pacifists as excess not contributing to social peace! (17);

Today when the Israeli terrorist bombing of Gaza is multiplying with  dozens of victims among the population, while the bourgeois Arab states show their indifference or open complicity (Egypt) with the Jewish state;

Today when the imperialist scoundrels give carte blanche to the Israeli Government by condemning only the firing of rockets by Hamas (launched at random in the direction of the Israeli towns, they are in no way a military threat against Israel, but aimed at the civilian population, they ultimately serve only to weld the Jewish population around its leaders against the “terrorists”) (18);

Today, what should be denounced and against which we must fight, is the occupation and colonization, the injustices and deportations, oppression and violence suffered daily by Palestinians, and by the Palestinian proletariat in the first instance. This violence which, because of the deliquescence of all the so-called left or “Marxist” organizations who all capitulated before bourgeois peace and order and who have placed themselves at the service of the counter-revolution, feeds a reactionary movement opposed to the class interests of proletarians in Palestine who only see their Israeli class brothers as targets of the nationalist and capitalist fighting. This is the tragedy of proletarian masses deprived of any class organization and left isolated in the face of oppression.

Exploited In all countries, whether in Israel, Lebanon, Jordan or the West Bank, Palestinian proletarians are the living expression that the proletarians have no nation. The fight against national oppression and capitalist exploitation from which they suffer can only be achieved only through a long and difficult road to place themselves on class positions, to form their own independent proletarian organizations, and work towards the International Communist revolution in close liaison with the proletarians of the region and the world.

The use of the methods of the class struggle, the resumption of the class struggle, is a condition for collaboration between Jewish and Arab workers; but this collaboration will not happen until the proletarians of the dominant nation - the Jewish proletarians of Israel - find the strength to break from class collaboration with their criminal bourgeoisie, to express their opposition to the national oppression over the Palestinians exercised in their name, and their solidarity with their class brothers. Then, they will be able to unite with the proletariat of other countries for a common goal: the overthrow of bourgeois States and the establishment of the international dictatorship of the proletariat in order to liquidate the capitalist system, the only method to end all injustices, all oppressions, to end all antagonisms and all national, racial or religious conflicts which are their consequences.

 In this perspective the role of the proletariat of the large imperialist countries is particularly crucial because it is the support of “their” state, of “their” bourgeoisie that allows the Israeli government to have a free hand against the Palestinian masses ; the best support they can give to the proletarians and the Palestinian masses is in the open resumption of the anti-capitalist struggle in the effective realization of the union of class with their foreign class brothers, so in total rupture with democratic nationalist or xenophobic interclassism, to give life to proletarian internationalism.


For the unity of all proletarians!

For reconstitution of the international class party!

For the world communist revolution!




(2) The PA which controls the West Bank and Hamas which controls Gaza have recently signed an unity agreement, angering the Israeli government because it allowed some flexibility of maneuver by the PA in relation to its Israeli master.

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(18)Obama at the White House Iftar dinner on July 14: “Israel has the right to defend itself against what I consider to be inexcusable attacks from Hamas."



International Communist Party

July, 11th 2014



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