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Down with the Union Sacrée! Down with the bourgeois Republic!

No to religious wars! No to imperialist democracy!

Yes to the class war against capitalism!





After the attack against Charlie Hebdo, all the formidable power of the media and bourgeois propaganda kicked in to use the emotion born of the bloody massacre to rouse support for "national unity" and the "values of the Republic."  the Government, parties of the left, right and far- right (excized by the organizers of the Paris march, the far-right Front National (FN) of le Pen called for demonstrations in the provinces), trade union apparachniks and multiple associations called for large demonstrations of unity: so that rich and poor, unemployed and capitalists, workers and employers could march together for "freedom of expression" and against "terrorism", behind  French political leaders and government officials and those of other countries, German, Spanish, English, etc. or even Turkish such as the Prime Minister of that government which has imprisoned dozens of journalists, which violently suppressed Kurdish demonstrators (thirty dead) and which supports the activities of jihadist groups in Syria, Israelis such as Netanyahu still dripping in blood from all its victims in Gaza, etc. a true imperialist Holy Alliance.

President Obama, who has refused, contrary to his promise to close the prison at Guantánamo where prisoners have been languishing for years without trial subjected to the most sadistically refined tortures, who authorized the assassination abroad of alleged "terrorists" (which has above all resulted in the deaths of civilians in drone bombardments), who has organized a new war in Iraq and Syria, who justified the ubiquitous surveillance by the secret services of US telephones and the internet worldwide, who remained practically silent in the face of the murder of Black youths by police in his country, etc., etc., has publicly stated his "solidarity" with the victims of the attack against Charlie Hebdo on behalf of the ideas of "freedom and the ideals that we share".

But this freedom and these ideals are not those of the proletariat and the oppressed! Proletarian ideals are the fight against oppression, class independence, liberation of humanity from the capitalist yoke. The grand but empty phrases and the compassion-on-demand broadcast by the whole media machine, are in the service of a large-scale operation to make the proletariat support of the bourgeois order at the very same time when, in France and in other countries, it displays more and more openly its repressive and oppressive face.




Politicians of all persuasions have argued that "we are at war". This is an undeniable truth.

 But this really means much more than police operations against a handful of criminals: France is one of the imperialist states which are the real major terrorists in the world, pillaging and massacring the exploited and oppressed all over the planet, and whipping up all wars. Without even going back to the killings in colonial wars or African genocides, which display the real "values" of the French Republic, and sticking to current actuality, the Hollande government is enormously proud that in 2014 France was the second country to enlist itself behind the United States in a new war in the Middle East, and that French military interventions in Africa have succeeded each other at a rapid pace. The French defense minister boasted at the end of 2014 that in the Sahel, in one year, "nearly 200 terrorists" have been "neutralized" by French soldiers (apparently they do not take prisoners ...) and more recently it has stated that a military intervention in Libya was necessary. The traditional warlike tendencies of the French Republic have made a forceful comeback under the current "left" government. And in order to continue military operations in defense of French imperialist interests at will, the Government recalls how helpful national unity was in 1914 where the "Union sacrée" had been, in all countries, the necessary condition to initiate and conduct the war in Europe...

But the war that is waged relentlessly by the capitalist and bourgeois governments of all countries, is the internal social war against the proletarians, although this social war capitalist exploitation does not usually translate into armed clashes (the bloody repression of workers' struggles is reserved for periods when the proletariat tries to break free from its bondage), but rather into accidents caused by overwork, murders by police, layoffs, job insecurity and increasing misery. While it never really experienced a clear recovery from the great recession of 2008, capitalism is menaced again today with a plunge into a new international economic crisis. This inevitably means new anti-labor measures, new anti-social "reforms", in short, a further aggravation of the social war against the proletariat, after the unprecedented attacks already carried out in the last period. So we can understand the interest of the Government and the capitalists in using the corpses of the "victims of terrorism" in the name of an alleged common interest in "peace and tranquility" to divert the class struggle of the proletarians and to chain them into a unity with their class enemies: but it is not peace and tranquility which is required by the workers in the face of the capitalist attacks, but a return to the real struggle, the class war!




For their part, the authors of the massacre and those who inspired it are also the adversaries of the proletarian struggle of defense against the capitalists. Contrary to what the media says, they are not fighting against "freedom of expression" (which is actually accepted by the bourgeois as long as it does not interfere with exploitation), or "democracy" (the system of class collaboration based on the lie of equality between citizens); according to the ideologues of al Qaeda whose positions were upheld by the terrorists, Muslim proletarians should not hesitate to kill and to be killed, not to defend their class interests, but to defend the Prophet! Preaching the unity of believers and religious wars in place of the class struggle, having as a target, not the exploiters, but those who oppose religion, like all clerics, in reality they defend the interests of a ruling class all too happy despite appearances to see the defensive fire-fight of religion against the proletarian struggle spreading among the proletarian youth issuing from immigration: the opium of religion has always been used by the exploiters to deceive the exploited! On the other hand those who perpetrated these attacks or those that inspired them, knew that the main result would be to throw suspicion on the entire Arab population, strengthening the de facto discrimination it faces and the police abuse it suffers, exacerbating the racism and the divisions between proletarians of different backgrounds which is an important factor in the current powerlessness of the proletariat.




Through the intermediary of its political representatives and with the eager help of its political and trade union lackeys, the ruling class calls for the building and strengthening of "national unity" around itself even as it sows misery and war throughout the entire planet, it continuously aggravates inequality and exploitation here and everywhere, it continuously strengthens measures of surveillance and repression against the "enemy within" which is none other than the proletariat!

The proletarians must not fall into the gross political maneuvering inflamed in the name of the fight against "terrorism"; they must reject any union with their exploiters, they must reject the defense of the  imperialist Republic and bourgeois democracy i.e. the defense of the capitalist system that crushes down on them; it is indeed capitalism which is itself infinitely more criminal and terrorist than all the jihadists and whose victims number in the tens of millions, and which, in order to overcome its ever more serious and repeated crises, will inevitably plunge mankind into a new world war if the international communist revolution fails to bring it down in time.

The bourgeois and their lackeys hope that proletarians remain under submission to the capitalist order for as long as possible, driven in particular by the fear of the Islamist terrorist threat or by fear of the traditional extreme right; but since they understand that the material bases of this submission are continuing to weaken as economic difficulties induce capitalism to continually increase pressure on the working class, they utilize every instance, and the bloodiest are the most effective, to realize and replenish the paralyzing interclassist union.

If they want to break away from their bondage, if they do not want to serve as cannon fodder in inter-bourgeois confrontations and as flesh for exploitation in everyday life, the workers have no alternative other than to oppose themselves to this national unity, other than to break with class collaboration, other than to retrace the path of revolutionary class struggle.

The overthrow of capitalism by revolution is essential to end the countless horrors of this system, and for the birth of a new society without classes and without wars, without exploitation and discrimination, a society based on the real brotherhood among all: communism. The union of the proletarians of all backgrounds and nationalities is the preliminary condition in order to resist all capitalist attacks, and to find the strength to then go on the attack against capitalism.

The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains, they have a world to win!


Down with national unity! Long live the union of all workers in the anti-capitalist class struggle!

Down with the bourgeois Republic! Long live the world communist revolution!



International Communist Party

January, 11th 2015



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