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About the killings in Nice.

No to national unity! No to imperialist war!

Class struggle to end the murderous society of capital!



Almost as soon as news of the massacre of scores of people in Nice was known and when by their own admission the motives of its author were still unknown to them, the French government officials issued appeals to “national unity” to “war” against “Islamic terrorism”. In a televised statement that night, President Hollande said France would “reinforce [its] actions in Syria and Iraq”.

The government itself so underlined the existence of a causal link between terrorist attacks in France and imperialist military intervention in Iraq and Syria (and Libya). Since the summer of 2014, along with a number of soldiers present on the ground, the French air force has been involved in bombings carried out in Iraq by the coalition led by the United States; since September 2015, the French Air Force has taken part in the bombing in Syria. According to an NGO, bombings by coalition aircraft in both countries caused in only 6 months (December 2015-May 2016) the deaths of between 1100 and 1560 civilians (1).

Also for months French “Special Forces” commandos have been “active”, more or less clandestinely, in the fighting in Syria and Libya, alongside the US and British military.

It is this warlike intervention in the Middle East that the government wants to reinforce, cynically using the emotion caused by the carnage in Nice to ensure its legitimacy and support among the population. With almost total media support which multiply the martial declarations, this bourgeois propaganda was enhanced by the debauch of nationalism which reached unprecedented levels during the recent European football championship.

To denounce the military intervention of French imperialism, to reject calls for national unity with the capitalists and the bourgeois state, to oppose all attempts to divide the workers according to nationality, race or religion, to manifest solidarity with the struggles of undocumented workers and migrants: such are the elementary requirements of the struggle of the proletariat against the economic and social and political war lead by the government on behalf of the bosses and national and international capitalism. Capitalism, whatever its nationality, is moved only by sordid bourgeois interests and its imperialist foreign policy is only the continuation of its anti-proletarian domestic policy.

To place trust in the bourgeois state and its political representatives in order to obtain a “protection” against terrorism whether this is the work of a particular Middle Eastern force or of mentally-deranged individuals, can only mean for the proletariat to accept remaining the passive cannon fodder of guns or bombs by putting its fate into the hands of those who live by its exploitation, and who are its class enemies.

What is demonstrated by the killings in Nice and Orlando, the attacks in Paris or Brussels, is that even in the richest and most powerful imperialist countries, those who dominate and plunder the planet with impunity; the bourgeois democratic political system is less and less able to prevent the explosion of the growing contradictions of capitalism and the manifestations of the violence that is the basis of all social relations. The bourgeois ideological myths of social progress, peace, freedom, equality and fraternity, has growing difficulties in hiding the reality of this oppressive, murderous, exploitative capitalist society, where the fundamental law is the mad dash for profit which inevitably leads to contempt for human life; this contempt is found not only in police repression, military interventions by States and the bombing of cities, but also in terrorist violence by various reactionary groups, and even in the relationships between individuals and domestic violence.

As a means to escape this vicious circle of killings and military interventions that will otherwise lead inevitably to a third world war, it would be tragically utopian to seek to reform capitalism: throughout its existence, it has without cessation immersed humanity in ever more deadly wars and disasters. Only traitors or sold-out lackeys can try to hoodwink us about a “democratization” of capitalism and a “pacification” of its international relations.

The only solution is based on the class war against capitalism, the international proletarian revolution to establish the power of the oppressed and exploited, the dictatorship of the proletariat, the transition phase necessary to end the bloody society of capital and to move towards communism, a society without war or oppression, without markets or money, without classes or states.

But for this solution to become possible, the proletariat will have to engage on the path of the class struggle: the path of struggle and organization for the exclusive defense of its immediate and long-term interests, in direct opposition to interests of the propertied classes and with complete independence from the forces and institutions linked in one way or another to social conservation. Only its reorganization into a class and consequently into a party (the Communist Manifesto), will enable it to fight successfully against the capitalists and their state and to cease being sacrificed on the altar of the destructive rivalries and deadly contradictions of the bourgeoisie.  It will also give the proletariat the opportunity to lead at least some of the petty bourgeois strata ruined by the crisis, intoxicated by the degeneration of present society, in this anti-capitalist struggle – those who otherwise can be driven into the worst reactionary dead ends – by offering the concrete and in no way illusory objective of the combat to gain a society which is at last really human.

If this seems a distant perspective today, it is the only realistic one.

For the resumption of the proletarian class struggle!

Down with the society of capital, long live the world communist revolution!



(1) 2015-to-may-2016. If the majority of the bombing in Iraq was the work of the Americans (eg 5850 airstrikes in Iraq), the coalition allies have not remained inactive: 761 airstrikes by the British and 670 by the French 670.



International Communist Party

July, 16th 2016



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