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Class solidarity with migrants and refugees!



The sad case of the Ocean Viking, which embarked migrants adrift at sea and waited more than 20 days before being allowed to dock in Toulon, shows once again the hypocrisy of the bourgeois states and their contempt for human life.

There is no demonstration of solidarity organised by the media and by all the religious and other political forces, as in the case of Ukraine, for these migrants who are risking their lives to escape an intolerable situation, and who apparently have arrived from Libya, where they have been victims of ill-treatment, torture and sexual aggression! In the case of Ukraine, these are Europeans from a country that is strongly supported because it is at the centre of the inter-imperialist conflict with Russia. In the case of these refugees, on the other hand, they are of non-European origin, from countries formerly colonised or under imperialist domination: certainly not with kid gloves are they dealing with foreigners from countries whose wealth is destined for plunder and whose proletarians are destined for bestial exploitation! 

The French government, which in 2018 refused to take in refugees from the Aquarius programme (1) - and who should have tried it in Spain - claims to have acted on "humanitarian grounds".

However, this alleged humanitarian concern is very limited: the migrants, according to a statement by the local administration, have been landed in a so-called 'international' area, not on French soil, and are under strict police surveillance; their asylum applications will be examined very quickly and those who do not meet the necessary criteria will be sent back to their country; fearful of giving room for criticism from the right and the far right, the government effectively intends to introduce the slogan of the «Rassemblement national» (RN): «let them go back to Africa!».

Moreover, in retaliation for the diplomatic shoot-out (2), it has announced that it will not accept the 3 500 refugees it agreed with Italy to take in this year. The Italian government replied with great humour that, of this number, France has so far accepted only ... 32! (3): the hypocrisy of the French imperialist government, which lectures and massacres, is even worse than that of the Italian government, which accuses it of breaking international agreements on refugees!

The proletarians must not remain indifferent to the fate of these damned of this world, or even worse, succumb to the call of the extreme right, which claims to defend their conditions of life against competition from these unfortunates by driving them back to their misery. The enemy of the proletarians is capitalism, national and international, not its victims! Solidarity with them should not be understood as some humanitarian appeal, but as a class necessity that is part of the perspective of the resurgence of proletarian internationalism and the revolutionary struggle against capitalism.


Class solidarity with migrants and refugees!

Open the borders!

The proletarians have no country!



(1) Run by the NGOs SOS Méditerranée and Doctors Without Borders

(2) The Ocean Viking ship was refused berthing in Italy

(3) The agreement signed in June envisaged the "transfer" of 10,000 refugees from Italy to Europe this year; so far only 112 have left the Apennine Peninsula. In addition, the number of Ukrainian refugees in France is estimated at almost 100,000 (out of a total of 1.7 million who have left their country).



13 November 2022


International Communist Party

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