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The delaying tactics of the collaborationist organizations only lead to defeat

There is only one solution to victory: class struggle!



The mobilization of March 7 was even greater throughout the country than in the previous days and there were many strikes (although there was no blockage of the economy, which the bourgeois media rejoiced in). On Saturday March 11, despite the sharp drop in numbers, hundreds of thousands of people still demonstrated. The bourgeois propaganda can do nothing about it: opposition to the government’s pension plan remains massive among proletarians and working people in general, and there is a great determination to oppose it, a determination nourished by worsening living and working conditions and continued impoverishment.

However, the trade union leaders, who, through the “Intersyndicale” (a “cartel”, made up of the largest trade union federation), are directing the ongoing mobilization, are doing their utmost to keep it as much compatible with social peace and the established order as possible, and for this good service they even receive the congratulations of the government! Instead of organizing a struggle with genuine and prolonged strikes, they call for “days of action” consisting of harmless marches repeated at more or less long intervals, leaving the most militant sectors free to launch renewable but isolated strikes. This tried and tested tactic, used for years, only serves to tire the proletarians and distract them from a real struggle and giving them, mainly through media hype, the appearance of “struggle”.

After the last “day of action”, the Intersyndicale called for one another, a few days later (in anticipation of more). In the communiqué of March 11, in which this call is made, it does not stress the necessity of the strikes, their unlimited character and their generalization, it does not ask the proletarians to join the striking sectors or at least to support them, but after complaining that Macron does not want to meet them,… theyask solemnly the government” of Macron to call a referendum on this government attack because its petition had a great success!!!! And as for the day of action, it is set for an “important moment in the parliamentary calendar” (a committee meeting to prepare the bill behind closed doors): for the trade union leaders, it is not the participation of the workers in the struggle that is decisive, but the electoral circus, the collection of signatures and the parliamentary masquerade!!! 




Many proletarians are skeptical of the tactics of the trade union leaders and express regret that the Intersyndicale is too “moderate”.

In reality, this is not a question of moderation, but of a policy that inevitably results from the class-collaborationist orientation of the trade union apparatuses and bureaucrats. For those who are proud to be recognized as “social partners” because they are inextricably integrated into the dense bourgeois network of class collaboration, it is imperative to avoid anything that could actually harm the capitalists and the national economy; it is imperative for them to prevent proletarians, when they finally realize their strength, from rising up against the bourgeois class and its state to put an end to exploitation and misery. As fanatical advocates of social pacifism, as inveterate defenders of bourgeois order and legality, they cannot but oppose any real class struggle by leading the struggles to defeat.

Proletariat and bourgeoisie are not partners: they are class enemies. If the proletarians want to resist and defeat the attacks of the bourgeoisie, they must break with the defeatist orientation of the apparatuses of collaborationism, take their struggle into their own hands, organize themselves on class basis and wage the struggle with classist methods and means: there is no other solution. Whatever the outcome of the present struggle, it is a lesson for future struggles!


Against the pension “reform” and all bourgeois attacks, class struggle breaking with the pro-capitalist orientation of the trade unions and the politics of collaborationism!

Unity in the struggle of all proletarians, in the public and private sectors, employed and unemployed, active and retired, men and women, young and old, French and immigrants!

Reduction of working hours and retirement age! General increases in wages, unemployment benefits, pensions and all social minima!

Against all discrimination, equal pay for equal work!

Regularization of undocumented immigrant workers!

For the revolutionary struggle against capitalism, its war preparations and imperialist domination, in solidarity with the proletarians of the whole world!


March, 14th 2023



International Communist Party

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