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After the resumption of mobilization, union leaders prepare the burial of the movement

The proletarians must take the struggle into their own hands!



The trade union “day of action” of 23 March saw a resumption of mobilization in most cities, while in Paris spontaneous demonstrations took place almost every evening and renewable strikes broke out or continued in various sectors (transport, refineries, garbage workers, etc.). The demonstrations were often interspersed with violent episodes and the police unleashed brutal repression against the demonstrators (to the point that even the European Union, which is concerned with maintaining the social peace necessary for the smooth functioning of capitalism, saw fit to criticize the action of the French police!)

The government ordered strikers at refineries and incinerators back to service, and sent anti-riots units of the state police (CRS) to break up strike pickets. In the face of this repression - including Saturday's events in Sainte-Soline, in which the authorities mobilized thousands of cops to crack down on opponents of the construction of a dam wanted by big farmers, injuring nearly 200 people, one of whom is still in a coma, are another example of this - the organizations that compose the “Intersyndicale” (a “cartel” made up of the largest trade union federation) were careful not to call for protest strikes (they settled for futile legal action against the requisitions); they were careful not to call for the extension of the strike movement and active solidarity with the struggling sectors (let alone the “unlimited general strike” that some “naïve” people demanded): the “Intersyndicale”, true to its delaying policies, called for another “day of action” in the following week. And as a prospect, it offers… an appeal to the Constitutional Council and the holding of a referendum. For the “Intersyndicale” this means that the proletarian struggle must give way to the appeal to the institutions of the bourgeois state and the consultation of all citizens, regardless of their social class!

Fearing excesses that would upset the established order and class collaboration, the trade unions have done all they could to contain the movement and prevent it from growing into a real class struggle against capitalism and the bourgeois state. Now they are preparing to bury the movement one way or another: hence the calls to meet Macron and his ministers, hence the calls for a “pause” in the reform (and not a suspension of it).




Whatever the outcome of these maneuvers, there will be no pause in capitalist exploitation and attacks against the workers, and therefore there must be no pause in the proletarian struggle!

But this struggle can only be effective if it breaks with the orientations of the professionals of collaboration with the bosses and the state and takes place on class terrain, with classist methods and means: unlimited strike with clear objectives and extending to other sectors and companies, led by strike committees elected by the strikers and coordinated with each other, complete stoppage of production and operations with effective strike pickets and occupation of workplaces, active solidarity against police repression, refusal of requisitions, etc., refusal of any blackmail on behalf of the good health of the companies or the national economy...

This will require the proletarian vanguards to organize themselves to fight against the influence of the apparatuses of collaborationism, without being led astray by the self-proclaimed revolutionary organizations that hide behind a radical discourse their opposition to the class struggle and their congenital tailism in relation to the reformist organizations.

This is the only prospect of success for the current struggle as well as for future struggles until we have the strength to move from defensive to offensive struggle to put an end to capitalism!


Against the pension “reform” and against every bourgeois attack, class struggle breaking with the defeatist orientation of the trade unions and the politics of collaborationism!

Unity and solidarity in the struggle of all proletarians, in the public and private sectors, employed and unemployed, active and retired, men and women, young and old, French and immigrants!

Reduction of working hours and retirement age!

General increase in wages, unemployment benefits, pensions and all social minima!

Against all discrimination, equal pay for equal work!

Regularization of undocumented immigrant workers!

Against police repression and judicial intimidation!

For the revolutionary struggle against capitalism, against its war preparations and imperialist domination, in unity with the proletarians of the whole world!


March, 27th 2023



International Communist Party

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