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Statement on the breakdown of our website



To our readers, supporters, comrades


Since May 19th, our website was unavailable due to a technical incident at the datacenter used by our host. After more than a week during which we had only vague and often misleading information, we learned that during a maintenance check, a bad manipulation had accidentally triggered the fire extinguishing system. This system works with a special compressed gas that quickly filled the data center room, causing material damage to the IT installations of its customers, and thus also to those of our host.

After verifying this situation, we can conclude that it was not a sabotage specifically directed against our site. This does not mean that the damage is not serious.

As in all situations where “accidents” cause serious damage, the host reacted according to the capitalist habit of dissimulating the real causes of the problem as if it was an unforeseeable fate... It was only after several days during which all the sites were out of order, and during which he asked for patience because in a short time the problem would be solved..., that our host resolved to explain what had happened and admitted that the breakdown would take much longer to be repaired...

Indeed, in the last few months, telecommuting, videoconferencing, online shopping, etc. have become widespread, leading to an exceptional increase in online traffic that has caused the demand for computers and other electronic components to explode, and the market to dry up, putting companies that use these components and the businesses that depend on them in difficulty. The consequence for the outage that affected our site was that spare parts and equipment were not readily available.

Today, June 18th, one month later!!!, our site could resume its normal operation.

All the contents of the site are saved and will be restored by our host with everything they contained on May 19, 2021 (if something had been irretrievably lost, we ourselves have saved all the material inserted). The site can therefore be fully usable again thanks to the reinstallation by the host of its previous content.

The data center incident also interrupted the email service of our site ( However, thanks to alternative addresses, we have been able to maintain the correspondence with the contacts, readers and comrades whose e-mail addresses we have


As we said in our previous communiqué, our main propaganda activity - the so-called traditional one, i.e. through printed newspapers, leaflets, direct interventions of comrades, postal correspondence, etc. - has continued without problems. But incidents of this kind could happen again and we are looking for other online information systems.

In the meantime, while we were waiting for our site to be operational again, some political elements or groups with so-called "similar" positions to ours have offered to host our positions and material on their sites. We declined the offer for essentially political reasons. We have indeed always fought against the idea according to which there would exist a "revolutionary milieu" regrouping the political groups calling themselves revolutionary communists, and in which these groups would have to confront each other on the programmatic, political and tactical level in order to find points of agreement to present themselves to the proletariat with a supposedly greater and wider force. This so-called "political union of forces" would give greater possibilities to widen the influence of revolutionary communism on the proletariat than any individual group could do, facilitating the "consciousness" of the proletariat of its historical tasks. But we know from historical experience that these "political unions" between tendencies and groups do not strengthen the class party, but weaken it and lead it to impotence (the example of the unionism of the German communists in the tragic oscillations of 1918-1923 has amply demonstrated this)

Based on the history of the current of the Communist Left in Italy and on the activity carried out by the International Communist Party since its reconstitution after the Second World War, we maintain that the political program of the class party already exists:  it is the one that characterizes us from 1946, which is none other than the program of the Communist Party of Italy founded in Livorno in 1921, supplemented by other programmatic points that specify it even more clearly on the basis of the dramatic experience of Stalinism and of the Second World War (see the Program of the Party published in our press). A program that is not to be discussed, to be "confronted" with others, and from which are drawn political, tactical and organizational lines that are defined and precise. To accept to mix our positions with so-called "similar" positions would be to accept to mix with other groups, abandoning in fact the intransigent defense of our programmatic points that derive directly from Marxist theory. It is not a question of formal purism, it is a question of principle. It is not possible to emerge from the abyss into which the international communist movement and the world proletariat have fallen by adopting expedients, even apparently harmless ones; the only way is to intransigently maintain the revolutionary course set in the 1920s by Lenin's Bolshevik Party, by the first two congresses of the Communist International and by the Communist Party of Italy led by the Communist Left; a revolutionary path that has been reaffirmed on the basis of a long work of theoretical restoration and reorganization of the party carried out by the most coherent elements of the Communist Left in Italy after 1945.

This revolutionary path is not marked on a map; it requires to be followed by a party organically bound to the Marxist theory and capable of learning all the lessons of the innumerable storms of the class struggle, so that it is prepared and capable of preparing the proletarian masses for the revolutionary tasks. It is obvious that the practical attitudes, and therefore also the organizational attitudes, must be absolutely coherent with the programmatic and political orientations. Today a party like ours has to face great difficulties to keep alive its press and to continue its activity, even if minimal, of propaganda and intervention, in a counter-revolutionary period where the proletariat is still not receptive to the calls to return to the field of the class struggle, to break with the politics, the practice and the organization of the collaboration between the classes; but these difficulties must not be used as a pretext to abandon the political and tactical intransigence characteristic of the Italian Communist Left, and to indulge in actions and activities that could lead to alliances or equivocal rapprochements. .. That is why we will continue to carry out our propaganda with the means that allow a solid control by the party. We have never wanted to appear more numerous and stronger than we are, we have always rejected the use of expedients that would make us appear to be something we are not. 

This does not prevent elements outside the party or other groups from using our positions or material, reproducing them in their press, on their websites or circulating them on social networks. It is up to us to criticize them if they draw conclusions contrary to ours. Our theoretical, programmatic and political intransigence is necessarily also reflected at the tactical and organizational level and this is what distinguishes us from other political movements that aspire to represent the interests of the class struggle of the proletariat and the communist revolution.



International Communist Party

June, 18th 2021



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