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Communiqué to readers, sympathizers, comrades

Breakdown of our website


Today, Thursday, July 21, after twelve days of breakdown, our website is fully functional again.

Like last year, between May and June, a technical failure in the datacenter put all of our host's sites out of service, including of course our own.

To our requests for an explanation of the breakdown and the repair time, the answers have always been very vague: it is a technical failure of the datacenter..., we are doing our best to restore the full functionality of the site..., nothing has been lost..., we thank you for your patience and your understanding...

As for the email connected to the site, it is not yet fully restored. However, for the moment, we can consult the new emails.

Nevertheless, our public activity has not ceased: our positions have continued to be disseminated through leaflets, as well as our direct interventions in situations where our activists could act; our printed newspapers have continued to be published and distributed to subscribers, at demonstrations and in bookstores and newsstands that agree to display them.

We have always given communication via the Internet the weight it deserves, without neglecting physical contact, traditional communication and propaganda.




International Communist Party

(proletarian, communist program)

July, 21th 2022



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